Food Growing

We grow fruit and vegetables on an outdoors allotment, raised beds and in a poly tunnel.
The allotment and poly tunnel on the church grounds has been established very successfully. The allotment has provided many opportunities for practical hands on informal learning experiences in Horticulture for community members.  The allotment has yielded a range of vegetables including potatoes, white onions; red onions; garlic; shallots; broad beans; french dwarf beans; parsnips; carrots; scarlet runner beans; mange tout; lettuce (little gem); radishes; courgettes; spring (salad) onions; tomatoes; cherry tomatoes; bell peppers; chilli peppers; cucumbers; marrows; and pumpkins. We also want to plant fruit trees.
Many local children now believe food only comes from tins and packages. They are completely ignorant of food being grown in soil. Mainly the children, but also parents/carers, will learn how to grow and harvest their own vegetables, fruits and herbs.  We will concentrate on growing food in small spaces given many children in Rhyl do not have a garden, but at best a back yard.
Children have been involved in our “Edible Garden”. They have grown some vegetables. This is great learning and experience for the children. This will also provide fresh produce to be used in activity sessions providing lessons in food growing from the ground not coming out of tins, tasting new unfamiliar fruits, and the importance of eating fresh fruit ‘n veg.  Another new element will be children and parents being able to plant and take away their own small pot based vegetable to grow at home. 

Now you know a little about us, why not come along and see what it's all about for yourself!

Interested? call us on 07989 875904 or email Rob Walsh