THURDSAY & FRIDAY 09:45 - 11:30 & 12:45 - 14:30

One third of children in Wales live in poverty (BBC News, July 2015). Especially so in West Rhyl, a very disadvantaged area. Ours is the only free provision in West Rhyl, Wales second most disadvantaged ward.
We provide a meeting place to socialise where children learn to interact with other children. Children benefit from creative expressive play, songs reading and music, arts and crafts, outdoor play and sports, informal education, digital learning, healthy cooking and eating, food growing, social interaction, participation and decision making.
We provide outside play and ball sport activities, as children in West Rhyl are severely disadvantaged given there are no parks, large open green spaces, or grassed ball playing areas. The area is heavily built up and very congested.
We also complement the weekly meetings with trips out, usually one per term time. We try to take the families to what might be a different educational experience. Either a professional indoor play area, different equipment. We go on planned trips to parks outside West Rhyl and excursions to dedicated play areas and themed attractions such as, zoo's, family themed farms, aquariums and textured play areas will also be delivered.  We provide new life experiences. 
Our activities also emphasize involvement, to include team building, social interaction, social education, decision making, and participation. This helps the children learn to take part in group discussions, express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings.
Parents meet up, socialize, support each other and build friend networks too.
One parent said: “Just like a 2nd family,” “it’s a lifeline.”  
Most sessions are very informal and relaxed, with an emphasis on networking, relationship building, and strengthening mutual support networks. Some session’s involve speakers coming to the sessions to help make parents better informed and more knowledge. This can open doors, helping parents be more aware of other service providers and the range of services that are available.
We have found that parents want a positive place to meet. A place where they could relax, offload a little, de-stress and are gently supported and nurtured. They need a regular meeting place where they could be signposted to other local services and a place where they can develop as parents. 
We provide non-judgmental emotional and practical support, encouragement, company, and information to women and families during early parenthood.
By providing learning and building soft social skills, the future for both parents and children is enhanced. This helps create healthy mothers and healthy young children.   

Now you know a little about us, why not come along and see what it's all about for yourself!

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