Youth Group

The youth group meet fortnightly for socializing, leisure activities, informal education, and projects. There’s also occasional trips out for activities such as ice skating. The emphasis is on both young people enjoying themselves together in a group, and taking direct social action to organise projects benefiting the community. The group are self-organising, and self-determined, with assistance from 1-2 adults. The group have taken an active part in local community life, helping out as volunteers in events. Many group members are also aware of social injustice globally. They have undertaken fund raising activities to raise money towards community projects in the developing world. They have worked with Community Organisers from TCC, the leading community organising organisation in Wales. Locally they have been involved in community organising and a massive achievement was being a key organiser with Hustings events at St Mary’s. This involved local political candidates in the 2015 General Election facing local residents in a public forum and accountability event responding to community questions and issues. More recently, again working with TCC, group members have been involved in a campaign to connect with Denbighshire County Councillors and strengthen dialogue between them and local communities.

Now you know a little about us, why not come along and see what it's all about for yourself!

Interested? call us on 01745 353395 or email Charles Ramsay