4 the Community CIC

About 4TC

Established in 2013 our Community Interest Company, 4 the Community CIC was born from the amalgamation of numerous small community groups, residents and experienced community workers to form one entity. Our community organisation and the projects it hosts are based and delivered in the heart of West Rhyl, North Wales. Our members and leaders are all local residents who volunteer precious time and skills working at our facility located on the grounds of St Mary's Church and Presbytery. We work with, but are completely separate to, St Mary’s church.
We are community based and grass roots led. Our main work is to reduce social poverty and social exclusion, to make our community stronger and by building resident’s confidence, knowledge, skills, and local support networks create a cohesive community. Our approach helps to educate individuals, assist families, and strengthen communities. We also raise awareness on social poverty in the UK through information gathering and circulation through a monthly newsletter called Poverty Times.

Our Structure:
4TC is a Community Interest Company, registered with the CIC Regulator and companies house. The company is managed by a board of voluntary directors from the local community and supervised by paid employees alongside a team of dedicated volunteers who deliver a number of community projects and activities.

Our overall Aim:
To reduce both the causes and effects of poverty and social exclusion affecting people in our community.

Our Specific Aims:
To build strong, trusting relationships.
To run inclusive, fun community events.
To deliver participative, engaging projects.
To gather views, undertaking research and promote involvement in decision making.

Our current activity:
In 2017 we will continue to deliver our established projects and activities from previous years and support the development of new activities based on local need. We will also be embarking on a journey of self reflection and review to improve our organisations governance under 5 themed headings of: Sustainability; Structure; Strategy; Systems and Skills to ensure our company is fit for purpose.

Download our activities flyer

Our regular Meetings:
We hold 2 meetings per month:
The First is for our directors and focuses solely on governance, this is closed to the public.
The Second meeting is for wider discussion and is open to residents, partners or interested parties.

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Our commitment to quality:
4TC is committed to ensuring that our work is of the highest quality and well managed, we take Safegaurding and Safety seriously by working with local and national partners to constantly increase our knowledge, develop robust systems and imporve our services.

update: Our Agendas & Minutes of meetings will be available to download from this website in the early 2018, please see our documents page.