Music affects us deeply. 
There are many potential benefits from music that can fulfil individual and community needs. Taking part in music offers fantastic opportunities for reducing stress, building personal confidence and enhancing communication skills for disadvantaged people. What is needed are opportunities for people to simply put their hands on basic instruments that do not require a high level of technical skill and to give it a go! It needs to be hands on! 
Listening to music, and playing a guitar, can be a great way of reducing stress. With our music, uplifting is guaranteed. We create laughter and joy. Smiling, fun and enjoyment. Our music is a mental health tonic guaranteed to reduce stress and improve health.  
Our aim is to not just entertain but to get people involved in music. To involve people of all ages and abilities.
The guitar school keeps up a tradition started by Community Worker Derek Abrams many years ago. Derek gave great service and worked long and hard for residents in West Rhyl. 

Now you know a little about us, why not come along and see what it's all about for yourself!

Interested? call or email Tony Murphey